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Enfleurage Florals Supplier For Meleg Attars

Discussion in 'Meleg Perfumes' started by mattmeleg, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Hi every, if you follow my instagram, "melegperfumes." You know I believe in high quality materials
    and complete transparency. I very often make videos of me processing and creating my perfumes.

    I will be using these organic, enfleurage florals in my Meleg Attars.

    There are 2 methods that capture the real-life scent of florals best
    1). Co2 extracts
    2). enfleurage (arguably even better)

    I wish to make the highest quality attars, with complete transparency for you.
    I expect some of my attars to be ready early next year.
    Be well
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