Drying Orris Root – How To?

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    I’ve been thinking to myself since a while: They say it smells like violets... I've always liked violets scent, and there is a lot of iris flowers growing around here and blooming in late spring/early summer. Also in the wild. And since they say the process of root drying is long (a few years)... I’ve been thinking I could gather a bit of iris roots and try to dry it and possibly extract essential oil in the future.

    I read somewhere:

    “To harvest and process Orris root as a fixative, July or early August will usually do, when the plants have subsided after flowering. Dig, divide, re-plant what you need, and then remove the tops and feeder roots. Scrub the rhizomes and rinse clean; peel for highest quality. Then chop into dice or grate. You must do this as soon as dug; once they have dried, they are hard like iron and impossible to chop up. Lay on clean cloth to dry as above, turning or scuffling through the pieces every few days, then every week or so until thoroughly dried. Bottle up loosely in glass jars, checking for moisture. Open up and re-dry if you find any! This is a minimum two-year project and you don't want to ruin it at the start. Once you are certain the roots are completely dry, store them away with the date on the lid. It will take at least two years for the scent to ripen (a bit faster the smaller you have chopped the roots). Finally, one day you'll open the jar to sniff and amazingly, instead of a rather bland nothingness, the jar will smell of violets.”

    Is this correct? Any tips/suggestions? I’m wondering also if any iris type will do? There are violet/blue and yellow ones around here. In the wild I’ve been seeing mostly yellow ones. As a matter of fact I took some photos of the wild ones 2 years ago.
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    Two cool videos I found, perhaps someone here will like them too.
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    I loveeeee orris butter. Is my secret weapon along with old ancient white ambergris. Many of my oud swipes go over the area I applied orris butter and or ambergris.
    Currently sultan salahudin and xll over orris butter are my faves. Insane.
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