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    agarwood co2 extracts are strange but man have I become addicted to them. There is the wonderful clean, dry wood and earth smell, a different kind of sweet earthy dampness, great longevity. It’s more like smelling a good batch of wood chips before burning them. I love these oils and when they were available, they were quite affordable probably because of all the wax and resin that extracts and increases yield (speculation).

    A company called Nisarga Biotech used to make a decent one. Eden botanicals resold their co2 oil but the markup was hard to swallow since I knew the wholesale price.
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    It depend on where you get the wood (China is always expensive lol) and would depend on the wood grade (assuming you conduct a co2 extract by yourself).

    I had the opportunity to get filipinos shavings and I know a place in Malaysia where I could have done it but I gave up with this idea.

    It will depend on the type of extraction you want to make : total extract got all fats and is waxy, I don't know the exact yield.

    Select extract got a separatory step in which fats are removed to keep only the oily element (looks like a thick oud without any deposit inside).

    The average yield of this type of extraction is 0.58% so generally, it tends to yield about 2x more than hydro.
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    @Mr.P did you ever try any of the extracts we sold?
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    Didn’t know you sold them! Wish I had...
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    @Mr.P how did you use these Co2 Oud oils...the one that I have is very thick like paste so I just kept it in my essential oil fridge.

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