Barn Yard Why?

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  1. Azzam

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    hi i just wonder why some people like the smell of barn yard?
  2. Mr.P

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    “Barnyard” is an association, not a literal scent. It’s the closest, and shared reference of people who have not smelled that type of agarwood before.

    The fragrance that this term refers to is very complex and multifaceted and varies greatly from one source to another. It is complex and profoundly engaging like fine incense or cheese or wine. It’s hard to explain why someone finds a particular fragrance appealing but there is a wonderful pleasant delicious clean fragrance hiding behind that association with the smell of a barn. If you allow yourself to spend a day with one of these oils I suspect you’ll see why by the end of it. Though everyone has different associations and I have people in my family who have never come to appreciate the smell of any type of barn yard oud.
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  3. Al Shareef Oudh

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    This is one of the best summaries i have read on the description of barn. So often in the online oudh community the discussion on what is barn is side tracked by the 'auxiliary' smoke screen that the real smell-to-term relationship is lost. You hit the nail on the head with this sentence "The fragrance that this term refers to is very complex and multifaceted and varies greatly from one source to another." There are a myriad of barns in the scent world and a decent variety of them in the oudh species as well.

    The complexity of it is why many associate it with the closest smell they know, rather than having the ability to split the nuances that make the barn category. The barn note is inherent to a few of the oudh species and it is not the same as the rotten sock smell of bad soaking practice.
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  4. Woodland Note

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    I admit that during my very first minutes with Indian oud I was smelling something that was in some way reminiscent of some kind of barn, that was a closest thing that my mind could make up to name the complex thing... but it wasn't really like barn... and it was way more than that too.... and then it all has changed forever.
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