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Autumnal Mistress Attar

Discussion in 'Meleg Perfumes' started by mattmeleg, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    A warm, powdery cloves perfume. Again, classic French style. Circa 1920's.
    IMG_6844.JPG IMG_6847.JPG IMG_6850.JPG
  2. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    I would say this above attar "Autumnal Mistress," is the more "spiritual," and complex of the 2 attars I have at the moment.
    She is also very powdery, yet spicy and diffusive. Both are classic French perfumes, Forest Florals (which I admit should be called something else)
    is very round, and complex - but not as dynamic in the opening. Autumnal Mistress has a fruity, cherry-almond with sweet orange opening, and she dries down incredibly powdery - so don't purchase this perfume is you hate powdery perfumes.

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