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Attar/Mukhallat of the Day/Night

Discussion in 'Scent of the Day/Night' started by Ouddict, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Bilal

    Bilal True Ouddict

    SOTD: Sultan Pasha- Al Hareem

    A wonderful sweet, slightly animalic rose dominant attar imo. The rose+oud+saffron combination is so buttery smooth and moreish, it makes your eyes roll back in pleasure.

    A stunning piece of work mA!
  2. Proust Madeleine

    Proust Madeleine True Ouddict

    Wearing a bit of Sultan Pasha’s Tabac Grande this morn in honor of the freezing temp in NY. Very nice. My partner likes it today — sometimes she hates it.
  3. Ouds student

    Ouds student True Ouddict

    Amber Ash Sheikh by Masion Anthony Marmin..bold and robust.
    On the side note I was reading a article written by this gentleman explaining synthetic musk as nothing else but Ambrette seed extract..a good read, he has posted it on his blog.
  4. Ryan

    Ryan Whats this Oud About?

    Ottoman Empire part 2 (extrait) by Areej le Dore.

    Never tried the first OE and I am not usually fond of powdery floral type fragrances but I really enjoy this and it is very inoffensive (though I tend to wear his creations when I am at home personally.

    On my skin it performs decently but not as powerful as other perfumes from Russian Adam and one other thing is I love the design of the bottle.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2020
  5. Bilal

    Bilal True Ouddict

    Engulfed in Rose-Oud bliss today :turban::babyangel:!

    4 Sprays of Ghaliyah Rosarie +
    4 sprays of Al Jazzab +
    2 healthy swipes of Al Mashriq by IO

  6. Ryan

    Ryan Whats this Oud About?

    Sultan Pasha Juriah

    My first try from SP and straight away I look forward to trying the rest of my samples from his line. The rose is lovely and bright, and the attar is powerful but not offensive.

    I wish him to have a safe and speedy recovery :praying:
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  7. Ouds student

    Ouds student True Ouddict

    Sultan leather attar manipur by Ensar oud...the opening keeps getting sharp and spicy , anyone on this with me ? Is this because of manipur oud ?
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  8. Bilal

    Bilal True Ouddict

    Spirit of Arabia by Elixir Attar

    Such a dark spicy, woody incense scent, which most defiitely evokes fond memories of walking through the souks of the middle east.The whole aroma is underlaid by a very intriguing earthy sweetness coming from the patchouli and date resinoid I believe.Not something you encounter every day and although they don't smell alike, it kinda reminded me a little of the amla oil used by SE Asian women to treat their hair lol.

    If there ever was a scent that lived up to its name, this is it!
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  9. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma True Ouddict

    Wearing TRNP White Lotus today.

    This one a fresh smelling floral backed by Sandal and clean smelling oud.
    I really loved the white tea note in this one. Even though most of ingredients are light like Yuzu, White Lotus, Honeysucke, Mimosa etc, this one is tenacious. Lasted on my skin for 6+ hours.
  10. Bilal

    Bilal True Ouddict

    Oud Maximus 19 by Bortnikoff

    I've come to enjoy this the more I wear it, but ultimately I think the barn is just too harsh for me to use it regularly enough to justify buying a FB.

    Oh well, I'm glad it wasn't a complete scrubber!
  11. rojas

    rojas Junior Member

    Turath 2 , ASO

    A beautiful musky animalic warmth engulfs me ... a feel so lovely
    A wonderful blend with Tibetian musk .

    Oud Musk Ambergris ......a magical aromatic trio ......what an heavenly feel do they exude when crafted masterfully .
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  12. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows True Ouddict

    Today I’m wearing a mix of Spirit of Japan by brother Ahmed with Elixir Attars layered with Autumn Fire II by Mellifluence perfumes. The warm spicy Japanese incense of SOJ compliments the spicy saffron laced rose/oud/vetiver combo of Autumn Fire. Absolutely perfect.

    I went overboard as well and did a swipe of Oud Shauyb behind the ears to add a strong Hindi touch.
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  13. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Elixir Attar Spirit of Japan
    I'm a walking Japanese temple :Laugh:
    very transportative oil
  14. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Elixir Attar - Cohiban Coffee
    I get more coffee note on a cold day like today compared to summer which I got more cigar note
    It almost feels like two different attar.
    This is really comforting, takes me to a coffee shop.
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  15. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma True Ouddict

    This sounds very delicious.
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  16. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows True Ouddict

    I absolutely love Cohiban Coffee and is musky older brother Mythique.
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  17. Bilal

    Bilal True Ouddict

    It's a nice one this, but I don't detect much coffee in it at all.The closest it gets for me, is the smell of cold coffee after its been sitting in the cup for an hour or so.

    Really want to try this outdoors on skin, but will have to wait until the mask restrictions ease or when I go for a weekend cycle in the country!
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  18. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma True Ouddict

    Went crazy with 6 sprays of War and Peace.
    I never get compliments from random people and am not looking for it either but this sure did make a few folks turn their heads. :Devilish:

    This scent reminds me of something from my childhood but can not point out what. Something from my maternal Granddad's house. Perhaps, some hair oil he used or an aftershave smelt like this. Maybe, some incense he burned.
    I remember when he was 70, he still used to wear ray bans, a leather jacket and ride his Royal Enfield motorcycle. He's my spirit animal. I wish for his health.
  19. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Elixir Attar - Ghaliyat Tareeq Al Hareer
    Still trying to understand this incredibly complex oil.
    I sensed a quite different opening today.
    a blast of saffron, ambergris, musk, rose, something very terpene-ish thing.
    I think I'm starting to 'get' this oil. I was not blown away before but it blew me today. really nice...
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  20. Ouds student

    Ouds student True Ouddict

    Baikal gris by Russian Adam..always a treat to wear this attar, I had enjoyed the perfume but had wished for a attar verison as well ,haha wish was well granted
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