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Atlanta Oudfest : Fragrantica : Part 1 Of 3

Discussion in 'Rising Phoenix' started by RisingPhoenix, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Fragrantica caught wind of the recent Atlanta OudFest and sent out John Biebel (one and the same from fragrance house January Scent Project) to report on the event. Needless to say ... we had a blast with him there.

    He walked away with so much to talk about, he pitched a series of articles to Fragrantica and they loved the idea. So it looks like we’ve got 2 additional articles coming soon.

    Oudfest 2020: Sights and Smells of the Rarest of Woods”

    Part 1 of the articles is now live on Fragrantica :

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  2. opixs

    opixs Whats this Oud About?

    Thats awesome!
    Great read!
  3. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    A very good read....but I have to say that the setting for the Oudhfest was quite remarkable...I just love all the wood furniture and bright light...a really beautiful surrounding I could not imagine to be better...and as for the on display......a sublime banquet for the eyes and nose.
    Very well player brother!!
  4. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Appreciate that! We were indeed very lucky to have such a picturesque setting and open space to host the event in. Was like a long weekend retreat!
  5. Imran297

    Imran297 Whats this Oud About?

    I concur
  6. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    You all may see a face shield.

    I see a genius who wore a “smoke net” to keep all the smell goods right under his nose :Roflmao:

    Smart guy, that Imran ;) EE4995AE-98C6-42D3-A812-E026873C17BA.jpeg
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  7. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    At some point I need to get all the videos we took over to @Ouddict so he can get them up on the new Artisan webpage for all to see.

    Fragrantica has 2 more articles about the event that are coming, as well. I’ll post those as they are released :handfist:
  8. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    Back in April...I started putting dabs of oil on the inside of my mask on the ICU. Not much, mind you cause mostly they are not on too long and have to be discarded. But on some occasions they can remain on without changing for a few hours...
    Always have a bottle of some Oudh in my locker...which I turn too...
    Although it can quickly dissolve across the face mask and looks fecal...a good barn Oudh really gets them thinking...:)
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  9. Imran297

    Imran297 Whats this Oud About?

    Haha that’s another Imran though. I live in the Netherlands, so I couldn’t be there (unfortunately)
  10. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    :Roflmao: (Smacks face)
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  11. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Yes... still waiting to upload them onto the channel!
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