Article About A "world Renowned Pioneering" Smell Artist.

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    and there are smells that are universally proking to everyone, like sulfur, mold (someone stated above), poop, urine. All those shout, Get them off me. Now poop in small doses makes roses and other flowers hum like a 3D elevator, taking us to floors we would never have visited had the purfumer not included it.
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    ...or musk, natural musk.
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    Working in Chinese Medicine I feel like I’m making statements that contradict establishment science all the time. There isn’t as much of a consensus on science as one would think.

    Stuff that seems like basic info to me is often mind blowing or paradigm shifting information to my patients, not to mention how many of them push back because the science I practice contradicts the science they know.

    Heck - we here all believe that heating wood and smelling it is good for our health. Not many medical doctors in the West are on board with that, and those that are - are recent believers.

    There’s a lot out there that parts of the world accept that others don’t - and vice versa. There is less consensus on science than you’d think.
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    For me, the nice thing about factual and scientific stuff is that it doesn’t matter what your culture is or where you come from, it’s real anyway. At least that’s what I tell myself!

    There’s a lot of sloppy thinking out there that makes it very hard to distinguish physical reality from our own expectations. Even in small, focused studies, great effort must be taken to avoid bias (blind studies, etc.). If this is a challenge for the little things, imagine the work involved in blind testing and sorting out all the large-scale superstitions and inaccurate beliefs!

    It’s near impossible so we begin to develop sloppy thinking - like maybe there are “different sciences” in different cultures... this is dark ages thinking. It gives me the willies.
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    I hear ya - so let’s mention a few basic things on which there is often large scale conflicting evidence...

    Heck - look at this forum - synthetics vs naturals

    I can think of a thousand things where the general scientific consensus is often wrong or very misdirected.

    Anyhow - I hear what you’re saying - hopefully you can hear what I’m saying :)
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