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Angkor Jam 2019

Discussion in 'The Attar Store' started by Hamza H, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Hamza H

    Hamza H Oud Fanatic

    Angkor Jam - 2019

    laos nature h400.jpg

    Take something that smells nice on its own and its good right? Now what if you take multiple nice smelling things and blend them together carefully?

    The scent would be even nicer, richer and more complex - a literal amalgamation of nice scents.

    An amalgamation of oudh is exactly what is presented here, a carefully composed organic blend comprising of oils from various oudh producing regions within South East Asia.

    The scent profile opens with tea and dark honey like sweetness, driving forth an intensity within the opening. Deeper to this yet there is dried fruits and - typical of Trat - crassna sweetness reminding you of the predominant Thai nature of this oudh.

    All in all, an ambient, but unique blend, representing the typical organic oudhs of this region with a subtle twist and a price that is not be overlooked!

    Origin: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

    At £90 or $118 USD for 2.5 grams - it certainly meets the criteria for a reasonably price oudh!

    Purchase here!
  2. Hakim

    Hakim Oud Fanatic

    this seems nice! is the Laos oud apparent in the blend?
  3. Hamza H

    Hamza H Oud Fanatic

  4. Hamza H

    Hamza H Oud Fanatic

    "Angkor Jam opens with a very nice slightly sweet undertones of honeyed dried fruits and some cinnamon vibe around the edges. When the Cambodian Oudh merges with the Thai Oudh the semi sweet background remains unaltered but an earthy profile with dark nuances starts to unveil the herbal, leathery and smokey heart that Angkor Jam has. The Laotian Oud adds a gasoline, tar, even metallic aura to it with some vetiver nuances as well as a certain bitterness but definitely this is a complex and rich dark oudh."

    Review of Angkor Jam by thescentology on instagram

    Click here to read the review!
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