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    The word Ambergris originates from an Old Arabic word 'anbar', having been introduced to the west by the Arabs, it has since played a key role in perfumery across the world both traditional and contemporary.

    The early Muslims highly regarded Ambergris from the Coasts of India, with Yemeni Ambergris also highly coveted from Al-Shihr.

    The polymath historian Al Masudi lists Ambergris as one of the five principal aromatics (usul al-tib), and it plays a central role in the creation of the renowned and historical fragrant compound - Ghaliyah.

    Offered here below is 2 grades of ambergris.

    Scottish White


    Bahamian Brown


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    Note: images do not necessarily represent the current stock but are provided as an idea of what to expect.
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    Bahamian Brown Ambergris

    Here are a couple of piece I'm discounting of my current stock.

    1.4 gram piece = £35 = Saving of £4.20

    1.44 gram piece = £36 = Saving of £4.32

    Shipping is $15 worldwide.

    Payments may be made through PayPal in USD or GBP.

    20190802_192357.jpg 20190802_192344.jpg
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    Ignorant question from a newbie to the oud world - i purchased "anbar malakee" from Arabian Oud in the middle east.

    1- is this the same fragrance level?
    2- where can I purchase a very potent version of anbar malakee online?

    Thank you in advance.

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