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All about Siberian Musk Deer

Discussion in 'SiberMusk' started by NinjaRobb, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. NinjaRobb

    NinjaRobb Official Trader Siberian and Mongolian Musk

    I found an old scientific work of one of the institutes of the Soviet Union and got out 3 interesting facts about musk:

    1. 2% of the peoples population do not feel the sweet smell of isovaleric acid, 10% do not feel the smell of poisonous prussic acid, 12% do not feel the smell of musk, 36% – malt, 47% – the hormone Androsterone.

    2. In the city of Marrakech (Morocco) is a minaret – tower height of about 70 m, built by order of the Sultan as a sign of victory over the Spaniards. The minaret is famous for the fact that its walls smell of musk. It turns out that during the construction of the minaret in 1195, about a thousand bags of musk were mixed into the cement that holds the stones together. And the smell has not disappeared even after 800 years.

    3. how to check very quickly the authenticity of musk-give a sniff to a dog or cat (adult), Pets to authentic musk will show interest and indifference to the fake.
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    What a fascinating thread I have just read here....brilliant.....

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