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    Santal X Ceylon

    Honey, vanillic, aquatic with white ambergris like nuances and spicy (grounded cinnamon and hint of drydown of nutmeg and star anise)
    - There are some citrus (read lemon/lime like) smell too. However, it is not apparent on my skin. But I can clearly detect it from the vial or from an applicator during extraction.
    - This is a 'middle and base heavy' sandalwood oil as opposed to many top heavy ones - i.e., it does not have any sharp, herbaceous, or green note that jumps out either on my skin or from an applicator (with the exception mentioned above).
    - The woody and creamy facets have a lot of similarities with Lebanese cedar. In 2018, an Irish friend gifted me some superbly fragrant 300 years old L. cedar chips. It was planted in an Irish churchyard and then fell down due to storm. They smell wonderful at room temperature. Anyway, after putting them on a heater for a while, I get this beautifully deep, sweet, spicy, creamy smell. Santal X has an almost identical facet like this.
    - It smells like as if I'm burning some super woody sandalwood chips.
    - In the heart this dark beauty is resinous (within somewhat sweet catagory), woody and spicy.
    - The sweet ambery facet makes it almost gourmandish, but it is never too sweet. The lactonic facet is also minimal. I prefer the lactonic part of sandalwood to play the second fiddle to the woody facet. This is where it wins my heart.
    - I suspect, this is will go beautifully well in any oudy, incensy or woody blend - probably even in deer musk maceration.
    - It ends with a soft woody, a very gentle sweet musky dry-down.

    Note: info on spices added

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    Brother it is a pleasure to read your thoughts/ reviews of any oil. Your talent of translating smell into words is unbelievable mashaAllah!

    But reading your review of ones own work is more than a pleasure. I really feel honoured!

    Thanks for your thoughts brother
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    I found the X factor undeniably tantalizing on so many levels, yes beginning with presentation, and ordered both for incense. Absolutely stunning in person. I received in the mail a delivery so fantastic I am practically speechless. I can't wait to try everything. Just a work of art with so much attention to detail and heart put into it. I can't believe the samples alone. Kindness renders me quite emotional. I'm moved by the sellers caring. I love a perfectionist. Simply I am writing to say thank you Master Kafeel, you have a life long customer and fan.
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    First and foremost; many thanks for your lovely feedback! I appreciate it so much.

    Reading your first impressions literally made my day and evening :D so glad you liked everything this far. Hopefully your experience with all what's inside the packaging will make you even more happy.

    Can't wait to read your thoughts about everything. Thanks once again for your kindness. It is literally the best feeling in the world, when someone appreciates all the hard work you've put into something.

    Stay fragrant dear @PersonelHigh


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    Adnan X - SOLD OUT!!! :D

    Thanks to everyone who bought. Enjoy!
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