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Abutominaga & The Oud Lab

Discussion in 'The Oud Lab' started by AbuTominaga, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. AbuTominaga

    AbuTominaga Oud Gangster

    Hey there Ouddicts!

    I'm happy to announce that I'll soon launch the brand and be up and running on social media and on this great forum with its' awesome community.

    Many of you are already my friends and clients here, and this way it's gonna be official!
    Will be looking forward to serving you and quenching your thirst & cravings for quality oud oils and woods.

    I already have a certain image in my head on how the brand will be like.
    As for those who know me (everyone else is welcome too),,,please comment and share your expectation on what would "The Oud Lab" be like in your opinion!

    Thanks again for everyone on this Forum.
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  2. Fahad

    Fahad True Ouddict

    Very happy to hear this AbuTominaga...

    I expect the 'The Oud Lab' to be an experiment in to the Oud wilderness never tried before : )
  3. Kabir Attars

    Kabir Attars OudSufi

    I expect the Oud Lab to explore the 4th dimensions of Oud.
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  4. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    What happened to the Oudh lab?
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  5. AbuTominaga

    AbuTominaga Oud Gangster

    "Good things come to those who wait."

    I'm in the final stage no worries. I'll keep you all informed :)
  6. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    Very good to hear......:praying:

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