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2ml Tester Set With Poems From

Discussion in 'Meleg Perfumes' started by mattmeleg, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Hello all, I wish to share with you my tester set.

    These are 2ml "Pochpac," (highest quality) spray bottles. Never any leaks, graduated spray.
    Each tester comes with poem, a poem which I feel matches to the organoleptic properties of that particular perfume.

    IMG_6757.JPG IMG_6759.JPG IMG_6763.JPG IMG_6764.JPG IMG_6765.JPG IMG_6766.JPG IMG_6767.JPG IMG_6768.JPG
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  2. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    My tester set is
    1. 10 perfumes, 2ml each
    2. each perfume between 20 and 30% perfume extract
    3. Most 80% natural materials, "Canadian Gentleman," is 93% natural (I use some white musks for diffusion)
    4. IFRA non-compliant (simple too much natural material to be IFRA compliant)
    Tester set is $100 Canadian dollars.
    That's 20ml total, between 20 - 30% extract, 80% naturals.
    This is is good deal. I"m trying to keep prices low as I can, as this is my first year in business and wish to establish a positive reputation.

    Take care everyone!
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  3. Mustafa

    Mustafa True Ouddict

    You are on fire mate. Well done
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  4. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Thank you very much

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