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2017 Canton - Rare Chinese Guangdong Sinensis Oud Oil

Discussion in 'Rising Phoenix' started by RisingPhoenix, Jan 23, 2019.

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    2017 Canton - Rare Chinese Guangdong Sinensis Oud Oil

    Jungle : Guangdong

    Class : Old-world Plantation / Wild Mimicking, Sinensis / Cantonensis

    Distillation : 2018, Glass and Stainless

    A little interesting tidbit...

    For those familiar with Romanized / Anglicized Chinese - most Chinese is translated using the more modern PinYin. But older translations (particularly of Southern Chinese Names) are transliterated by an older system known as Wade-Giles, developed in the 19th century United Kingdom. Many of the first Chinese Immigrants to make their way to the Americas in the middle of the 19th Century were of Southern Chinese origin - and their restaurants still to this day often use Wade-Giles names.

    Contrasted with the Chinese PinYin that I learned in medical school, as well as many Chinese names we use today in common English - the older Wage-Giles system gives some distinguished spellings, particularly for Southern Chinese names and words.

    What you and I know as the Southern Province of Southern China known today as Guangdong - Wade-Giles romanization would call Kuang-tung. It is the southernmost of the mainland provinces and constitutes the region through which South China’s trade is primarily channeled. Guangdong boarders Hong Kong, Macau, and Hainan Islands.

    In the era of tea clippers, both Guangdong and its capital Guangzhou were often referred to on maps and in spoken English as ... Canton. This usage continues today but to a much lesser extent with the transliterated Chinese name being used instead. Other versions no longer used include Kwangtung. The food and language of the area are still known as Cantonese. Much of what is associated overseas as "Chinese food and culture" has its origins here.

    Canton is one of the oldest regions of Agarwood cultivation, usually in the "wild mimicking" style, rather than the more conventional model of mono cropping, single species tree plantations.

    Some might consider this a plantation oil, but I don't find the modern style of plantation growing Agarwood trees to be accurate for this type of oil. It is an Old-World style of plantation farming dating back at least 1800 years in China. For all intensive purposes - I would classify this as Wild or Wild Mimicking.

    China has a very old history of wildcrafting and wild mimicking tea cultivation and Agarwood cultivation. The current Chinese appetite for these rare and unique production methods make them rarely, if ever seen outside of Mainland China, making 2017 Canton, yet again, one of Rising Phoenix's distinctive selection of oils a one-of-a-kind find.


    Be prepared for an interesting ride!

    Canton opens Bitter, Tea-like, and Medicinal in the most pleasant of fashions.

    Shortly after application, the oil develops into the scent of an ancient Chinese tea house - the scent of old wooden beams, lacquered tea ware, and aged tea leaves - wafts of exotic flowers and a hint of medicinal herbs and citrus hide in the background.

    As Canton develops a little further, it gets more citrusy - like Aged Chen Pi (a traditionally prepared medicinal Tangerine Peel) and dry aged tea leaves. Hints of Oud Wood begin to peek through.

    Moving towards Dry Down, the scent of Oud wood and a dry, lacquered citrus peel take center stage. It's quite interesting, and I'm sure your wrist will be attached to your nose as the oil continues to develop, morph, and shift - more citrusy one moment, more dry Oud wood and lacquer the next. Hints of coastal salty sea air and furry musk can be detected.

    Canton is superbly easy to wear. It is a "China Market" type of oil - zero barnyard.



    Medicinal hints.

    Lacquered wood.


    And most importantly - complex, interesting, and easy to wear.

    Quantity is limited - add 2017 Canton to your collection while you can!

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