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Discussion in 'Photos' started by Rai Munir, Jan 4, 2019.

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  1. Joe King

    Joe King AttitOud

    @Rai Munir, dear Rai huge respect for your decision and a huge thank you :Notworthy:for your kind words and support and insight. Don't tell anyone but you are my favorite ;)
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  2. Grega

    Grega Oud Fan

    Dear Rai Munir. I will be very sad to see you go. When you decide to come back I will be very happy to read of your passionate experiences with musk and oud and other blends. May your spirit remain as fiery as the musk that you love!
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  3. Fahad

    Fahad Whats this Oud About?

    Am one one of them...Have a Musk a la Rai macerating at the moment.
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  4. powdernose

    powdernose Oud Sprite

    Dear Rai,

    The nerikoh looks fantastic!

    "It's TRUE I offer strong opinions,
    They do not mean I KNOW you're wrong,
    I do not threaten you with minions,
    I charge no fee to hear my song."

    I hope you'll be back soon, commenting once again with merry cheer.
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  5. jensz

    jensz Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Rai, some splendid materials shown in those pics . . . and there's not a member (or lurker) who is not deeply saddened by your decision. Pretty sure many of us will be feeling blue this weekend and beyond. Nothing but respect for you, and hoping you will come around again soon.
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  6. OudGood

    OudGood Oud Fan

    @Rai Munir Sensi, I think only you know how much I will miss you on this forum. My very first conversation here was with you. I cant think of a person more unbiased than you. Goodbye legend.
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  7. Philip

    Philip Whats this Oud About?

    Dear @Rai Munir
    Your departure saddens me because your input and experience were very valuable. As I stated to you once via PM, your zeal and love for all things musk is absolutely infectious. I want you to know that I have very recently come across some genuine grains through a third party after a very long search, and the smell transported me way back to my childhood. It put a huge smile on my face. It's because of you that I can now begin to discover real musk!
    Thank you, sir and please do come back.
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  8. Mr.P

    Mr.P Oud Fan

    Not sure what happened here but if this a reaction to some kind of dispute with some random member here, I wouldn’t bother leaving over it. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Haters are going to hate, as they say, so don’t let them get you down or push you away. Peace.
  9. SydnorIII

    SydnorIII Barn Bro

    I just read his very candid post about each vendor and their offerings. It is very unfortunate that someone cannot voice their opinions up in here without pissing someone off. It's called constructive criticism. I've had to take a break from this forum before due to the childishness. I come here to learn and have fun, not be stressed and fight. Even when Rai disagreed with my opinion, he was at least humorous and respectful about it. He taught me a thing or two about humility and taking constructive criticism. Everyone has an opinion, a preference of vendor, oil, wood, etc. All are valuable. I don't expect too many folks will care what I have to say as a newer member, but those are my 2 cents.
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  10. Shabby

    Shabby Junior Member

    Thank you for everything uncle @Rai Munir, I really hope you come back to post. The whole oud and natural fragrance community suffers without you.

    There is a blessing in your love for fragrance that everybody can feel and we all hope to feel it again. Stay safe and God bless you.
  11. Ouddict

    Ouddict Technical Support


    Hmmm. This is certainly not what has happened. It’s becoming clear to me that a lot has been said behind the scenes which is wholly inaccurate. In fact, I spent the whole of yesterday grilling a well known vendor due to these rumours and he was totally innocent. To be honest, I have got better things to do with my time then chase shadows cast by those who are either plain wrong, or in some cases have ulterior motives (not Rai).

    It is very easy to claim expertise in a certain area or field, when others have no knowledge. I’m going to lock this thread for now and consult with the forum management because it’s totaly unfair to point fingers at the forum when you know 10% of the picture.
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