New Agaraura Oils Released With Discount Codes

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    Dear Oud members,

    Today Taha released 2 new oils to the public for the first time. 1 being the Royal Lao, and the other being Wenmei.

    For those who haven't experienced any type of Laos oil and would simply want to get some of the best stuff that may be available no need to look further than the Royal Lao. Its a aroma which you probably have never ever smelt before. Some of our respected members here have reviewed this oil and you can look and read about it there.

    2nd oil is the Wenmei. This is a Vietnamese oil which is 5-6 times less then some of the "higher end" oils command in terms of price from other vendors/distillers. A truly magnificent Vietnam oil which cant be described by just words but has to be experienced. Vietnam is famous for its quality of wood and medicinal Aroma. People usually head back towards Indian Oud or Vietnam wood. This oil starts slow and then unleashes its power.

    Your going to get what you pay for. Don't let the price scare you as there are many people doing releases of much cheaper oils. Quality speaks!!

    The following coupon codes are valid until October 25:
    100OFFRL $100 off full bottle of Royal Lao
    90OFFKSK $90 off full bottle of Khmer Special K
    50OFFWAN $50 off full bottle of Wanmei
    40OFFKEN $40 off full bottle of Kencana
    25OFFKUZ $25 off full bottle of Kuzen
    25OFFSUM $25 off full bottle of Sutera Sumba
    FREESHIP Free shipping for orders over $250
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