Eau De Brunei

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    Location : Brunei
    Distillation year : 2016

    There are ouds that are meant to be worn as perfume, and others that are more spiritual...

    Eau de Brunei combines the both. A tantalising elexir that manages to sooth your soul just enough to make you understand why Brunei Kingdom is periphrased Darusalam (Abode of Peace).

    Co-distilled from wild shavings of both Aquilaria Microcarpa and Malaccensis back in 2016 in a way to keep both subspecies smell intact, aged for 2 years and 6 months, it gave what I would call an "oud de parfum".

    After a Chinese medicinal kinda opening, you'll be greated with the mandarin peel of the Microcarpa combined to the intoxicating mint vapours of the Malaccensis on the top.

    The Myrrh bitterness combined to the Soccotran frankincense petigrain into the heart.

    Sandalwoody oceanic ambergris, cinnamony vanilla bean at the base.

    Ow I forgot to say OUD, OUD, OUD from the top to the decadent dry down.

    Refined like the classiest liqueur from the period in which Brunei has the best woods La Maison Khenata had the pleasure to share.

    Take a whiff, get aboard and let the peace be upon you.
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    Congrats Farid!

    Looking forward a lot to discovering the samples !

    It seems you are getting speicalized in " eaux de.. " nowadays

    do we need to conclude there is 15 to 20% of oud in your bottles only? :Laugh::D:Laugh:

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    Eau De Farid suggests 110% concentration. :Roflmao::Roflmao:

    Congrats brother on this release! Not much Brunei on the market today, nows your chance Brunei lovers !
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    How did you know ? :Roflmao:
    It was a funny one :Thumbsup:

    Thanks Bro' looking forward Adnan :Whistling:
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    just wow! this oil is wonderful! what a pleasure to feel the heated wood on her wrist .. I think we will hear about her ..

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