Advice On Frangipani Enfleurage

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    I am currently in Kenya and found some beautiful smelling frangipani trees.
    I want to make an enfluerage from the petals and wondered if any perfumers here had experiance with this.
    It will be my first experiment with enfleurage, i have been reading up on the different methods and i am not sure if hot enfleurage or cold enfleurage will work best with frangipani.

    I think as the petals are so fragrant, possibly a cold process may work best.
    I am also debating what base to use for the enfleurage, animal fats or coconut oil, jojoba, or a mix of these.

    There are also jacaranda trees here, but the scent from each flower is much less fragrant than the frangipani, but still very beautiful, this may require a hot process, but again i really am just experimenting here so some tips would be beneficial from those who have done enfleurage before.

    Any advice is appreciated.
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